Vertical Hydroponic Garden Tower

Vertical Hydroponic Garden Tower. In the past few years, we have witnessed a rapid growth in popularity of hydroponic vertical gardens. While many of the very basic vertically tier grow towers are for soil-based growing, there are a few that can also be used for hydroponic gardening.

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Wholesale 70pcs Hydroponics System Aeroponic tower garden … (Jack Nguyen)

Incidentally, the practice of vertical gardening is certainly not new. Imagine growing your own food, year-round, from the comfort of home. Thinking of building your own garden at home?

Gardening is a fun place to get creative.

Vertical hydroponic gardens like the Foody make it possible to keep a productive garden in your own home.

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There is no runoff as the water keeps circulating. Below is a video I made explaining how it works with results of my first test run growing hydroponic lettuce. Have a green thumb, but don't like to get your hands dirty?