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Assured Automation Garden Hose Water Meters

Assured Automation Garden Hose Water Meters. Assured Automation announces a full range of digital and mechanical water meters that are suited for use on common garden hoses. Whenever we make news, we put a link to it here.

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Valve & Flow Meter Videos (Connor Glover)

Many of our mechanical and digital water meters can easily be attached to a common garden hose using simple NPT to GH adapters. Economical Residential Water Meter, BPA Free. The WM-PC Series economy plastic water meter is excellent for residential water metering.

The best garden hose is constructed from flexible PVC and is light weight enough for easy handling.

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Hangzhou Sinomeasure Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Say goodbye to the days of wrestling enormous lengths of hosepipe. For houseplants and containers, a traditional Haws watering can in galvanized metal or solid copper makes a timeless addition to the potting shed or indoor garden.