DIY Vegetable Garden Design for Your Home Garden

40 Vegetable Garden Design Ideas - What You Need To Know? inside Vegetable Garden Design

When making a garden, almost everyone always use ornamental plants to beautify the grounds. But to create the beauty of a garden, not necessarily using ornamental plants that cost are sometimes very expensive so the budget or the funds needed so swell. Here we share vegetable garden design for your home garden, and you can do it by your self.

Vegetable and fruit crops actually also can be chosen to make the idea on the grounds. Many benefits are gained when using vegetable and fruit garden. One of them of course is the harvest of the plant itself. In addition many types of vegetable and fruit crops that ages his planting of relatively short, only in a matter of months only. By using this vegetable crops then we can often replace the type so that it does not cause saturation or bored. Because of the appearance and the impression created will always be changing.

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I will show some vegetable garden design ideas behind the House, as well as some useful suggestions for plants like how some plants can be combined with other plants. One of the most important things in the vegetable garden design is careful planning. You need to consider where and how you grow vegetables and vegetables that fits on your home page.

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Crops such as green beans and peas can add nitrogen to the soil. If you use mulch heavily, you should avoid planting corn, pepper or tomato in the same place for two or three times in a row. Tips: change the place to plant your vegetables become more fertile.


Vegetable garden design also raises the question of what plants can be planted adjacent to each other? When designing your garden, you should think of a garden can thrive in different seasons. For example, the tomato plants are difficult to grow in June, but in August the tomatoes will have many leaves and fill more space.

25+ Best Ideas About Vegetable Garden Design On Pinterest | Raised inside Vegetable Garden Design

40 Vegetable Garden Design Ideas - What You Need To Know? with Vegetable Garden Design

Dense plants such as corn, tomatoes and broccoli can overshadow lower plants such as lettuce, carrots and pumpkin. In some cases the shadow can be very positive and protect the plant from heat while in other cases it can prevent the normal growth of plants. Therefore it is not recommended to plant different kinds of plants.

25+ Best Ideas About Vegetable Garden Design On Pinterest | Raised throughout Vegetable Garden Design

Especially for vegetable crops that can produce fruit. Imagine if in that park there are many kinds of plants are dense and fruitful with striking colors and contrast. Of course this will caused a sensation and dramatic ambiance all its own.

If land used to make Garden not so broad, then the number of large trees that are planted enough one only. In addition it should be trimmed so as not to overly diligent, so that sunlight can still get into the House. The concept of selection system and planting fruit trees and vegetable that are small area are also not much different with large area. It’s just that the amount should be reduced.

Make sure you choose the right place for gardening. Instead, you avoid the soil shaded or away from direct sunlight. This is because the plant you sow require much sunlight for growth and development.

25+ Best Ideas About Vegetable Garden Design On Pinterest | Raised inside Vegetable Garden Design


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